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About Us

The original “Merlympics” was created by Normeth Preglo Parzhuber, Director of the IMSIA (International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association). This competition, for mermaids and mermen has started in Germany in 2015.

 As a team, we all have one thing in common : our passion in mermaiding and our motivation to make a competition accessible to young and adult athletes, from Switzerland and also internationally

Our goal is to held the competition every two years and to continue promoting the special art and sport of Mermaiding in the country.  Futhermore,  to enable mermaids and mermen to get together, make friends, compete, work as teams and create "mer-memories" that will last forever.




Isabelle Quinche

(English, Deutsch, Français)

- Logistics

- Administration

- Swiss German representative


Jessica Maag


(Français, English)

- International representative

- Swiss French representative 

- Administration

- Social Media

image0 (1).jpeg

Tanidia Bruhin

(Français, Italiano, English, Español )

- Administration & Budget

- Sponsoring

- Swiss French representative


Normeth Preglo Parzhuber


(English, German, Filipino)

- Creator of the competition "Merlympics"



Cecilia Cancino-Infanti

(English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano)

- Administration

- Swiss German representative


Tabea Steiger


(German, English)



Jennifer Destephanis

(Français, Italiano, English, Español )

-Visual Communication Designer

- Swiss Italian representative


Leila Iseli


(English, German)

- Sponsoring concept


Liam Attivissimo

(English, Français, Italiano)

- Swiss Italian representative


Katerina Testa


(English, Deutsch)

-Videographer & Photographer


Larissa Mery



-Swiss German representative





A competition accessible to all

Our Mission

The purpose of this event is to bring together mermaiding athletes, to promote the sport nationally to the swiss and international public. Furthermore, to develop better relationships with those involved in this activity (associations, schools, practitioners).

Our Vision

An event accessible to all mermaiding practionners and bringing back the competition every 2 years.

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